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Commercial Vehicle Garage Equipments - Battery Charger / Tester & Special Service Tools Board
Battery Charger / Tester & Special Service Tools Board
Digital Battery Charger Heavy Duty
(OLS - 809)
  • Fully automatic microprocessor controlled / manual.
  • 350 Amp engine start – for emergency starting.
  • 70 Amp rapid charge – charges a battery in 1 to 2 hours.
  • 40 Amp and 20 Amp fast charge – charges in 1 to 3 hours.
  • 4 Amp slow charge – charges in 3 to 5 hours.
  • Fiberglass rod – for clamp storage.
  • 2.25 hour timer.
  • 1.83m output cables, 2.74m AC line cord.
  • Large face, clear view ammeter and voltmeter.
  • High-efficiency fan cooling system.
  • Heavy-duty voltage and rate control switches.
  • Automatic overload reset/short circuit protection.
  • Easy-roll, wide-track wheels
Battery Load Tester (OLS - 810)
  • Variable load carbon pile tester offers maximum accuracy when performing battery load tests.
  • Separate voltmeter and ammeter allow easy viewing and understanding of battery test results.
  • Color- coded, temperature compensation pass/fail bands on voltmeter.
  • Tests batteries up to 1000 CCA.
Digital Battery Tester with Printer (OLS - 811)
  • 100A load test.
  • Tests 6V and 12V batteries.
  • Tests 12V and 24V charging systems.
  • Operating range: 40-2000 CCA.
  • Rates: CCA (SAE), DIN, EN, IEC, JIS.
  • 3 Testers in 1: Battery (i) Charging (ii) Starting
  • Built-in printer.
  • Replaceable leads.
Digital Battery Tester (OLS -812)
  • Microprocessor controlled ─ for an easy and accurate load test with no need to time yourself.
    Bright, 3-color, LCD digital display ─ indicates both voltage and test results
    6-step design ─ indicates Pass, Pass & Recharge, Recharge & Retest, Fail, Bad Cell and 1 LED indicates
    "Check Clamp"
    Super-grip battery clamps ─ heavy-duty and colorcoded.
    Protective boot and 9 volt battery included.
Special Service Tools Board (Revolving Type) (OLS - 813)
This Tool Crib is a revolving type structure provided with 4 vertical & 4 platforms on each wall. The tool crib wall is made of perforated sheet with the provision of
mounting detachable hooks. This complete structure is supported on a vertical tube with thrust bearing at the base, which gives revolving movement to the vertical. Each platform can accommodate approximately 20-30 tools (Tool count may defer with sizes) and therefore one entire tool crib can accommodate around 300- 400 tools. The detachable hook & plastic trays are provided for mounting the special tools on the platforms. Also an identification plate is provided for each special tool.
Special Service Tools Board (OLS -814)
  • The board is designed to keep special tools in organized way.
  • It helps mechanic for getting the tools faster to minimize Run Down Time.
  • Specially designed adjustable plug- n - play hooks to hold the special tools
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