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Four Wheeler Garage Equipments -Tool Trolley
Tool Trolley General
7Drawers Tool Trolley with Inserts (OLS - 028)
5Drawers Tool Trolley with Inserts (OLS - 029)
7 & 5 Drawers Tool Trolley
  • Solid body & rounded edge trolley heavy powder coated.
  • Insert for each drawers for holding particular tool.
  • 2 Fixed & 2 swivel caster wheel for smooth movement.
  • Central locking mechanism.
  • Rubber sheet at top of the trolley.
4 Drawers Single Cabinet Tools Trolley with Inserts (OLS - 030)
A Traditional style with full width top four drawers and spacious cabinet at bottom with locks on castor wheel for ease in movement..
3 Drawers Single Cabinet Tools Trolley with Inserts (OLS - 031)
The mechanic tools trolley is used for storing hand tools S.S top, to keep manual on top surface along with job card holder on one side .
 Tools Trolley (OLS - 032)
  • This tool trolley is designed to store general tools.
  • S.S top.
  • 2 Drawers to secure the tools & S.S flap attached to lock the drawers.
  • Job card holder attached.
  • Castor wheels for easy movement.
Tool Trolley - xpress
Tool Trolley With Tools Board (OLS - 033)
  • 5 Drawers for keeping tools with inserts .
  • S.S top to keep manual / tools / minor repairs.
  • Tool board for hanging tools .
  • Castor wheels for easy movement .
Tool Trolley (OLS - 034)
  • 4 Drawers with attached flap locking system .
  • Single lockable cabinet at the bottom of the trolley.
  • M.S top .
  • Castor wheel for easy movement .
  • Job card holder attached .
Tools Trolley (OLS - 035)
  • 2 Drawers with center locking system.
  • Adjustable parts slider rack.
  • M.S top covered with Hi grade PVC sheet.
  • Castor wheel for easy movement.
  • Job card holder.
AC Servicing/Gas Charging Trolley (OLS - 036)
  • Specially designed for keeping tools & equipments for AC servicing & Gas charging.
  • S.S top .
  • Castor wheel for easy movement .
5 Drawers Tools Trolley with Insert (OLS - 049)
  • Solid body & rounded edge trolley heavy powder coated.
  • Insert for each drawer for holding particular tool.
  • 2 Fixed & 2 Swivel caster wheel for smooth movement.
  • Central locking mechanism.
  • Rubber sheet at top of the trolley.
1. Use Pneumatic System to Lift the Tyre During Vehicle Maintenance.
2. Improvement in Technician Productivity.
3. Safe working Condition & Reduce Human Efforts.
Express Maintenance Trolley (OLS - 037)
  • Pneumatic Cylinder.
  • Tools Shelf with Insert
  • Up Switch for Wheel
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Trolley Pushing Handle
  • PU Coil Hose for Brake Bleeder
  • Tools Tray
  • Parts Tray
  • Brake Bleeder
  • Castor Wheel
  • Wheel Support Hook
  • Wheel Support Roller
  • Sliding Tray -Cleaning Brake Pad
  • Down Switch for Wheel
  • Ratchet Wrench Holder
  • Pneumatic Gun Holder
  • Pu Coil Hose Holder
  • FRL Unit
  • Brake Bleeder Reservoir
  • Trolley Foot Brake

Introduction of Advance EM Trolley to Improve the EM Bay Productivity & to Increase the Fortuner units Served in EM
1. Advance EM Trolley is Specially Develop to Support EM to Service the Vehicle in Short Time.
2. Advance EM Trolley is Designed with Provision to Keep All Necessaries Tools Required for Service,Multiple Pneumatic Outlet, Brake Fluid Bleeding System &Provision to Keep Tyre to Improve the Efficiency by Reducing the Technician Movement & Tool Searching Time.
3. Technician Find it Difficult to Lift Up The Fortuner Wheel.
Express MaintenanceTrolley (OLS - 038)
Facilities / Advantage
  • Improvement in Bay Productivity.
  • Safe Working Condition & Reduction in Human Efforts.
  • Wheel Dismantling & Assembling in Shortest Time.
  • Ease in Operation thru Pneumatically operated Plateform.
  • Multiple Pneumatic Outlet for Operating Pneumatic Tools, Tyre In/Deflator, Air Below Gun.
  • Brake Bleeding System with Brake Fluid Reservior.
  • Provision to Keep Tyre to Improve The Efficiency By Reducing Technician Movement.
  • Unique Concept to Facilitate Technician To Carry out All Service Jobs at Single Station Safely.
  • Reduce Fatigue & Ease in Dismantling / Assembling & Lifting Wheel During Wheel & Brake Service.
  • Provision For Tyre Pressure Filling & Checking System.
  • Easy Wheel Rotation & Examination For Any Wear & Tear By Rollers on Support Arms.
  • Provision For Pneumatic Tools to Open Nut & Bolts, Air Below Gun for Cleaning.
  • Improvement in CSI sby Reduction In Run Down Time thru Quality Service.
Express Maintenance Trolley (OLS - 039)
Express Maintenance Trolley (OLS - 040)
Express Maintenance Trolley Tata (PVBU) Approved (OLS - 041)
The Speed O Service Tools Trolley is equipped with
Sliding Lockable 2 Nos. Drawers & 1 Cabinet for storing
the hand tools of the technician.
Tools Board on Top equipped with Job Card Holder.
Provision to holding the Tyre by keeping on the Specially
designed Stand mounted on side.
Auto Retractable Hose Reel for Pneumatic Impact Wrench,
Air Ratchet, PU Coil Hose with QRC & Air Blow Gun & FRL Set.
Hi Pressure Aluminum Anodized Pneumatic Line is a unique feature.
Heavy Duty Castor Wheels for ease in movability on Shop Floor.
Size : L X B X H – 685 X 455 X 890 mm
Express Maintenance Trolley (OLS - 042)
  • 2 Nos. Lockable Drawers With Inserts for Keeping General Tools
  • 1 No. Open Shelf for Keeping Miscellaneous Tools & Equipments.
  • 4 Nos. Pneumatic Points With QRC & Fittings for Connecting Pneumatic Gun, Air Gun, Tyre In/De Flator & Brake Bleeder.
  • Provision For Filter Regulator Lubricator Set With Inbuilt Pneumatic Pipeline.
  • Provision For 4 Nos. P.U. Coiled Hose Pipes 8' X 12'
  • Nos. Heavy Coaster Wheels (2 Lockable & 2 W/o Lockable)
OLS - 043
Quick Service Trolley Equipped with all Pneumatic Tools, General Tools & Tyre Inflator/Deflator & Tyre Checking Roller Arrangement
OLS - 044
Quick Service Trolley Equipped with all Pneumatic Tools, General Tools, Filter Cleaner, Oil Disposer & Magnetic Tray
OLS - 045
Quick Service Trolley Revolving Type with All Pneumatic & General Tools Accessories
OLS - 046
Quick Service Trolley with All Pneumatic & General Tools Accessories
 Parts Trolley
 Parts Trolley (OLS - 047)
  • To keep dismantle parts.
  • M.S top covered with PVC sheet.
  • Detachable S.S trays for more durability.
  • Bottom tray for keeping oily parts.
  • Movable castor wheels.
 Parts Trolley (OLS - 048)
  • To keep dismantled parts.
  • Sliding trays of SS for more durability.
  • Heavy Duty Lockable Castor Wheels for ease in movement.
  • S.S Tray on top.
Washing Trolley

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