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Four Wheeler Garage Equipments - Oil & Lubrication Equipments
Oil & Lubrication
Waste Oil Collection / Transfer System (Pit Type) (OLS - 074)
  • Unique space saving design for waste oil collection.
  • Compact, separate chamber for gear & engine oil.
  • Waste oil collected in top chamber & thru gravity transferred in lower tanks. Oil transferred to drum thru built-in pneumatic system equipped with safety pressure regulator after draining .
  • Capacity 50 Ltrs.
  • Height & width can be adjusted as per the site requirement
Waste Oil Collection & Coolant Collector
Oil Drain Trolley (OLS - 075)
  • Air operated suction drainer .
  • Castor wheel for easy movement .
  • Old oil drained by gravity with suction probes provided after depressurization the drainer works independently without continue connection of compressed air.
  • Capacity - 40 to 50 Ltr.
Oil Disposer (Folding Type) (OLS - 076)
  • Waste oil collection & transfer system with collecting tray.
  • Easy to dispose the waste oil through compressed air.
  • Tank capacity - 50 to 70 Ltrs.
  • Pan can be both in used horizontal & vertical position.
Oil Filtration Unit (OLS - 077)
  • An oil cleaning device capable of removing solid ,water , oxidized lighter weight molecule of oil, air & gaseous contaminants from any oil Ensures high level protection from corrosion & rust for maximum gear & bearing life.
  • Protection from the dirt to sensitive hydraulic components.
  • Cleaning oil at regular interval will ensure increase in oil drain interval. this would also help to conserve oil & help decreasing pollution.
Oil Dispenser 50 Ltr. Tank on Wheels (OLS - 078)
  • Electronic Pre - set mode facility with totalizer.
  • Dispense up to 30 Ltrs. per minute.
  • Operated by pneumatic pressure.
  • Auto shutoff function.
  • Equipped with Non Dripping Gun.
Oil Dispenser 50 Ltr. 3 Different Oil Tank on Wheels (OLS - 079)
  • Electronic Pre - set mode facility with totalizer.
  • Dispense up to 30 Ltrs. per minute Thru specially
  • Designed 50 Ltrs. 3 different oil tank mounted on trolley operated by pneumatic pressure.
  • Auto shutoff function.
  • Equipped with Non Dripping Gun.

Foot Operated Grease Pump (OLS - 080)
  • Utilized for greasing different parts of the vehicle.
  • Capacity 5~10 kg.
  • Foot operated with multi shoot in single operation.
Hand Grease Gun (OLS - 081)
  • Utilized for greasing different parts of the vehicle.
  • Capacity 500 gms.
  • Hand operated.


Oil Pump (OLS - 082)
Transfer pump, used to quickly transfer oils from large drums to smaller containers. having Double Acting operation with discharge upto 40 LPM.
Electric Brake Bleeder (OLS - 083)
  • Electrically operated on 220 V AC power supply.
  • Replace Brake fluid faster due to pressurized system.
  • All wheels bleeding can be done simultaneously.
  • Replacement of Fresh brake fluid with inbuilt pressure pump.
  • Specially designed used brake fluid collection chamber.
Pneumatic Brake Bleeder
Pneumatic Oil Extractor (OLS - 084)
The Portable Air-Operated Oil Extractor Tank capacity 70 ltrs. is a vacuum-charged unit that's ideal for extracting used oil and other fluids from almost any vehicle. Includes suction probes equipped with quick disconnect couplers for fluid extraction.
Oil Disposer Trolley (Flat Type) (OLS - 085)
Keep Work Shop Floor Neat & Clean, Safe disposal of Waste Oil, Keeps Control on Pollution, Enhance Safety & Service Quality
Digital Oil Dispenser 200 Ltr. Drum on Wheels (OLS - 086)
  • Oil dispenser is a unique machine for filling oil.
  • It's a automatic machine operates by pneumatic pressure.
  • Easy to operate by 220V AC supply.
  • Just set the quantity & press (F) to fill.
  • Auto shut off function.
  • Equipped with retractable hose reel.
 Centralized Oil Dispensing Unit (OLS - 087)
Centralized Oil Dispensing Systems Digital facilitates on bay delivered of oil thru. non dripping gun operated pneumatic system , controlled centrally by electric pre- set gun.
Pneumatic Grease Pump (OLS - 088)
  • Used for greasing different parts of the vehicle.
  • Capacity 15~50 kg.
  • Pneumatic operated.
  • Pump dispenses grease at pressures upto 50 times the Air inlet pressure
Pneumatic Brake Bleeder (OLS - 089)
  • The pneumatic brake bleeder works with compressed air to quickly assist in brake bleeding during service. The simplicity of this equipment allows brake bleeding to get done by one person. Flush and refill the entire brake system with this brake fluid bleeder. To replenish the fresh brake fluid reservoir bottle is available with this system.
  • Convenient one-person operation
  • Flush and refill entire brake system
  • Works on disc or drum brakes
  • Adapters for connecting master cylinder reservoirs with transparent tube.
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